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  • Buying Or Selling A House?

    Sign Up For Your FREE Legal Fees Quote & FREE Property Investigation.


  •  Buying or Selling A House?

    Sign Up For Your FREE legal Fees Quote & FREE property Investigation


  • Buying Or Selling A House?

    Simply move home doesn't buy or sell property, we provide home buyers and sellers with property information services such as free no obligation legal fee quotes and desk top property reports through our team of experienced property professionals. We hold your hand every step of the way through the property buying process which means you don't have to take unnecessary risks and we could even save you time and money.  

    How It Works 

    We offer a new independent service to help home buyers and sellers make educated decisions on buying property and offers legal fee quotes ... All before you contact a solicitor.


    Step 1:

    List your house as for sale via an estate agent or find a house you want to buy via an estate agent.

    Step 2: 

    Sign Up with the address of the property you want to buy or sell.

    Step 3:

    We will send you a free legal fees quote and carry out a free property investigation.

    Step 4:

    Book a call with one of our professional team to discuss the findings of your property investigation and other for free friendly advice.

    Step 5:

    If you are happy with our legal fees quote and the information provided in the property report our approved solicitors will contact you to begin the conveyancing process.


    "we ONly Take 72 hours TO GIVE YOU INFORMATION You need"

    Book a call , chat via messenger or email us with a suitable time for one of our team members of experts to call you back for a friendly chat about the property you are buying or selling.


    Sign up with your email address and address of the property you are buying or selling and receive a free no obligation legal fees quote and property report within 72 hours. 


    Save money through our streamlined service which comes with no hidden fees and discounted legal fees quotes. Once we give you a quote you will pay no extra fees.


    Our network of fast-moving local solicitors nationwide, and step-by-step friendly personal service, make the process of buying a house or selling a property hassle free giving you more time to relax.


    We offer all our initial property reports, legal fee quotes and  property advice as no obligation services which means there is no charge to you.


    We have been working with the UK property industry since 1999 offering professional property services to the home buying and selling public.

    Get a Free Quote

    • John Lewis - Merseyside I really had no clue where to start when buying a house and Simply Move Home helped me every step of the way
    • Lucas Heathcote - Brighton I found the perfect house but after Simply Move Home provided me with a desk top property report I realised it wasn't for me
    • Susan Houghton - Sheffield The advice Simply Move Home gave me saved me months buying my house.
    • Mrs Day - Liverpool They were the only company that called and had a good follow up offering a Free info pack on the house I wanted to buy.
    Property Industry Professionals Since 1999  

    Since 1999, Our professional team have been working with, and providing services to, property professionals and the home buying public in the UK property industry.

    We offer detailed, cost-effective services to smoothly help our clients through the process of buying a house or selling a property. We provide a service to speed the whole process up by identifying potential stumbling blocks at the start of the conveyancing process, rather than further down the line when time becomes an issue.


    Simply find your buyer or new home, and let us do the rest.


    Most websites that help you buy a house or sell a property are designed to give the lowest quote possible on a conveyance with the minimum of information requested. This makes it look easy and cheap.


     Only later are other factors which affect the quote requested. Having secured your business, more information will be required.This will always increase the price of your quote. Simply Move Home has partnerships in place with, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Every  UK local Authority and many other information providers to identify potential problems which could increase the complexity and therefore the price of the quote from the beginning. Our sophisticated online system will provide you with information from the outset that your solicitor will require to complete your transaction. 


    This will be included in the price we quote. At the outset, the quote you receive is the quote you will pay and your acting solicitor will be given all the information up front to complete your transaction promptly which is a service No Other conveyancing site offers. So, although our initial quote may be slightly higher, you can rest assured there will be no nasty surprise further down the line.