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Are you a first time home buyer in England or Wales?


We offer free property advice, desktop property reports and discounts on your legal fees which makes the whole legal process simple, by giving you vital information on the property you are buying before you engage our solicitor.


Saving You Time & Money! 



How We Save You Time And Money 

Simply follow our 5 steps and We Can Save You Time And Money when buying a property.

Step 1:

Find a house you want to buy via an estate agent.


Step 2: 

Sign Up with the address of the property you want to buy.


Step 3:

We will send you a free legal fees quote and carry out a free property investigation.


Step 4: 

Book a call with one our professional team to discuss the findings of your property investigation and other for free friendly advice.


Step 5:

If you are happy with our legal fees quote and the information provided in the property investigation our approved solicitors will contact you to begin the conveyancing process.


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When you buy a property you will usually instruct a solicitor to carry out the legal side of things, known as the conveyance, on your behalf. This can be quite a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a preferred legal representative. Simply Move Home deal with solicitors every day, and know who the good guys are. What’s more, because of our close relationships, we can usually negotiate a good deal on your behalf.


Before you agree to buy a new home, you will want to know if it is safe to do so, what the area is like, and that there will be no nasty surprises in the future. Simply Move Home have close links to Pali Ltd, who provide hundreds of property reports every day which provide information on things like planning applications, road & traffic schemes, flooding, mining, and developments. Simply Move Home will provide you with a free initial desktop report produced by Pali Ltd, giving information on the property you are looking to buy, or for that matter, sell.



  • Susan Houghton - Sheffield The advice Simply Move Home gave me saved me months buying my house.
  • Lucas Heathcote - Brighton I found the perfect house but after Simply Move Home provided me with a desk top property report I realised it wasn't for me
  • John Lewis - Merseyside I really had no clue where to start when buying a house and Simply Move Home helped me every step of the way